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Apply to be an Artist With Us

So you want to join our tour? That's great! 

The Artists featured on our tour are referred to into two groups;

1. Home Owners - Artists who live in Midhurst who are willing to open their homes as a stop on the tour. The Home Owners also make up the planning committee.

2. Guests - Artists who would like to set up at one of homes/stops on the tour.


Here are a few things you should know first before applying:

  • All items MUST be handmade.

  • Items must be unique and not duplicate existing artists on the tour.

  • Our committee will jury all items to make sure they are handmade and discuss if it duplicates existing artists on the tour.

  • A minimum of four (4) digital pictures must be submitted for use in our marketing materials. Failure to submit photos may result in you not being found on our website or social media.

Would to be a Home Owner/Artist on the tour?

As an artist with your home on the tour, you will be expected to attend and be apart of our committee meetings throughout the entire year and take on tasks to benefit the tour (i.e. treasurer, marketing/advertising, helping with signs, social media, secretary, communications etc.). We all do our best to ensure each year is a success.

Home Owners are expected to communicate any information at monthly meetings to all Guest Artists that may be in their home.

As a Home Owner, you should also be able to take on Guest Artists in your home. Please indicate on your application how many Guests you can accommodate. While this isn't mandatory, it is recommended as it will make your stop on the tour more popular.

Interested in being Guest Artist on the tour?

Guests are always welcome! Once you and your products have been juried in by the committee, you will be assigned a home to set up in. You will be responsible for coordinating with the Home Owner your set up, take down etc.

Remember that this is a home tour and space could be limited. We don't have the ability of offering you an official "booth size". Please be considerate of the space you are given by the Home Owner you are assigned too. We will do our best to make sure you are placed in a manner that will accommodate your display.


Some years have enough Guest Artists and not enough Home Owners. This means we rent space at Midhurst United Church for guests to display. 

Guests are placed in homes on the tour by the Home Owner Committee. The committee reserves the right to decide where Guests are placed. We will do our best to accommodate requests, but will make no guarantees.

Deadline for Applications is

June 17, 2023

Applications submitted after this date may not make it into our yearly brochure.

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